• Carole Jones

Holocaust Memorial Day - 27 January 2022

This year marks the 21st anniversary of Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD), a day for remembering the six million Jews who were systematically murdered by the Nazis, as well as the many others the Nazis persecuted and murdered who did not conform their horrific political philosophy and chilling vision of creating some kind of perfect race.

Holocaust Memorial Day is also for remembering those more recent acts of genocide we have witnessed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur. Genocide has not gone away.

As well as remembering these dreadful events, HMD is also about education. As can be seen from current events - whether it is senseless thugs giving Hitler-stule salutes, or organised fascist political parties, or those who have risen to power in governments around the world - education is sorely needed.

We must learn how and why these events happened, and how we can work to prevent any further genocide.

This year, with COVID restrictions making organising so difficult, it is going to be challenging to put on events that mark HMD. Nevertheless, it is important that the day is properly marked where possible.

The HMD site ( contains a lot of useful educational material and suggestions for ways of marking the day.

Branches may also want to consider:

- encouraging members to register to attend the online ceremony marking HMD at 7pm on

Wednesday 27 January

- asking employers to mark HMD, and to involve the branch in organising it;

- inviting a speaker from one of the affected communities to address an online meeting

about what HMD means to them;

- agreeing a branch donation to the HMD Trust (details are on the HMD website);

- considering how to mark HMD next year, perhaps working with a local educational

establishment to get the message across to younger people;

by Carole Jones

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