• Carole Jones


The pandemic has sorely tested our public services and public service workers, with our care workers very much on the frontline alongside our NHS and other keyworkers combating COVID.

Our care workers are in an especially precarious situation, not just because of the pandemic, but also because their service has been underfunded, the workers underpaid and with poor working conditions, staff shortages - exacerbated by the flight from UK care work caused by Brexit - and no national training or standards. They are also very difficult to organise in a traditional way: there are so many different employers involved, and so many care staff work in isolated circumstances, and under extreme pressure to complete a list of care visits to increasingly tight or virtually impossible schedules.

That means they need all our support to help win them the fair deal at work they deserve.

UNISON has forced the Government to increase care funding to help keep more care staff in their jobs. More work is needed to win decent wages in the longer-term, but this win does help in the short-term. But it’s vital that local authorities allocate the extra money to care workers’ pay - and they need to be pushed to state that commitment.

Which is where we all come in. UNISON has set up an online system that enables care workers and their supporters to email their council and ask how they intend to use the funding. This kind of lobbying can be very effective, but it does need people to back up their support for care workers with this simple action.

Show that you care by supporting our care workers and email your local Council on

Carole Jones

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